Three Things to Do After a Car Accident

One of the most difficult situations to deal with is a car accident. When you find yourself in one, it is common to panic, and if you are the one who has hit a person, you might even think about fleeing the scene of the accident. However, your composure at the scene of the accident and the way you handle the first hour after can be the difference between the injury case going in your favour and everything getting lost. Here are three things that you ought to do immediately after you find yourself in a car accident.

Stop the Vehicle

An accident is one of those situations that gets your hormones kicking to high gear. You get an adrenaline rush that can have you wanting to run away. The problem with failing to stop after an accident is the severity of the penalty it gets you. Note that even when you stop, you have to remain long enough and give your details to the police. You also have to report an accident within 24 hours of it happening. Failure to do these things will land you a heavy fine and up to six months in jail.

Alert Other Motorists

There are times when one small accident leads to a massive wreck. This happens when you get into an accident but fail to take measures like putting on hazard lights. Ideally, if the vehicle is still moving, you should park it at the side of the road. You should always carry the hazard sign with you to indicate that an accident has happened in case it is in the middle of the road.

Alert the Authorities

There are two people you should call after checking to see everyone is safe following an accident: the police and a personal injury solicitor. The solicitor needs to be present at the scene of the accident because they will record the facts surrounding the accident. They will also ensure that you do not admit to anything incriminating or which could negatively affect the outcome of your insurance and compensation claim.

The outcome of your car accident claim relies on the solicitor that you choose for the process. Take time and choose someone with both skill and experience in handling the cases. They will make sure that your case is settled in time and in your favour. As long as you have a reliable person working for you, you are assured of an excellent injury case. Contact a solicitor to learn more.