Parenting Plans: Three Essential Tips for Making a Legal Agreement

If your marital relationship has broken down, you should prioritise the care of your children. In general, there are two options to consider when dealing with the care of minors following separation and divorce. The most drastic is applying to the court for a parenting order. This process involves asking the court to make decisions for parenting arrangements on your behalf. The order is binding and enforceable. However, it is not advisable to choose this option except as a last resort. Read More 

3 Questions To Ask Your Accident And Personal Injury Lawyer

Accident and personal injury attorneys focus on seeking compensation for people that suffer accident injuries. When seeking the services of a compensation lawyer, most people are often in a dilemma over which lawyer to choose. Below is a guide discussing some questions you can use to interview your lawyer.  1. Does The Issue Meet The Minimum Legal Requirements? The lawyer should assess your situation and advise whether it meets your state's legal requirements. Read More